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Losing faith in Israel's objective.....

Beirut is one of the world's hottest spot with its legendary nightlife, incredible beaches and magical history
Beirut: Dangerous Destination?

Beirut is dangerous, indeed, but not in the way you expected it. Beirut can be dangerous for your wallet

July 7. Interacting by internet with above blogger. Talking about hotspots on earth for a night out... Chances how Israeli's will be viewed there, would there be a chance Israeli's could roam around town in Beirut. Looking into the future.........................

Laila, in the comments box of above posting wrote:

nice post, yalla hopefully our tourism will recover soon


July 15th:

Israel to Bomb Beirut
Jesus Christ, it sounds like they just bombed a building behind me. That's the downtown!

Becoming a Refugee
We have no sympathy for Israel's position right now. None.
Hezbollah has lost morale. The Shia have lost morale. The Lebanese have lost their country.

I'm not oblivious. I know Israel has to hit the Hizb hard. I wish Israel could strike them from the face of the earth. Send them on one of those hi-tech turbo rockets straight to hell. I wish Nasrallah hell. I'm not a softy. Bad people deserve the worst. But Israel isn't targetting bad people anymore. They are targetting my future (well, I always was optimistic) friends for a night on town.... HOW can I forgive the country that says to take care of my protection (which they do, I know) when it targets my future friends?

I saw the lady in Tsfad on tv, whose house got hit by a Katushiya rocket. She was shaken. Her little boy was looking for his puppy that ran outside on the streets after the blast. She poured out her direct anger and started cursing Nasrallah "שיפציצו את האימ...אימ...אימא שלך לגהנום" (that they may bomb your mo-mo-mother straight to hell) - and I agree... fully!

Then the news of this grandmother who got killed together with her 5-year old grandchild at home, where the family thought they'd be safe.

While, opposite me on my pc-screen - I read the desperate, heartbreaking postings of my ex- future Lebanese friends.

And yes, I know - we also saw the Shia neighborhoods in Lebanon where people were celebrating the death and kidnapping of our soldiers that took place without any acts of aggrevation from Israeli side.

I know all that. But still. Something was growing. Now it's back to pieces. How can I, as I've done at the beginning, still justify the IDF's actions if they are targetting people that have been the ultimate victims of wars not theirs so often and do not have any grudge against my being here, in Israel - let alone want to destroy me or something?

I'm so confused. I just know that MY army is targetting people that I might have called MY friends one time. Why????


Hello Tsedek: This is my first comment here.

It's about faith and a solid beleif in the future my friend. I pray and work hard for a day to come , where we can all live in peace, be true friends, care for each others and most important; have ONE better future.


That is an objective and reasonable post. I dont know why your government is insisting on using collective punishment as a policy. This is very stupid.

If there were any hopes that the people of lebanon itself stand against Hizbollah, they are all vanished now. We are seeing more and more desparate and angry people turning to support the Hizb, instead of raising the voice of reason, which is surely very obvious and was well stated by the last Fuad Alsaniora ( the PM ) speech last day.

Same as what is happning in the west bank.

good day Tsedek,
hope you are well.
Tsedek :

Were these people terrorists too ?
Will their families forgive the IAF and IDF someday for this 'mistake' ?

Jumpng into military power is arrogance itself. Your Govt is not saving any peaceful day for you in the future, am afraid
Hello Tsedek

Have you checked the most Unnecessary war article ?

Interesting, right?

Where in Israel you live, North or South ?
Be well
I agree with the first commentary to the article, Osaid referred to:

"How can YNETNEWS print such amateurish, pathetic drivel? This piece belongs in a suicidal poets diary, not a "news" format site.

Lebanon is "the only Arab country with a strong, effective army."? What the hell is she talking about? She is laughably ignorant of the facts, blind to the reality of the causes of the conflict, and pathetic in her rolling around in the manure of her delusions. Get this one: "The recent past, following the blood-soaked intifada, is full of our own mistakes."

Sob, sniff, pass the knife and slice the wrist. Its our fault the Arabs hate us Jews. What can we do to make them like us? Rubbish.

This type of thinking is what emboldened Hizb'Allah and Hamas in the first place. Ms. Sarena is what Islamists hope all Jews to become.

G-d forbid all Jews lose their way and become guilt-ridden milk-toasts, as well!"

Hahns , Texas, USA (07.14.06)

I believe that Germany and the EU will help Israel. They are all tired of this culture of terror. Germany has a smart chancellor! She knows the history and does not believe in freedom fighters.
I watched those pictures you referred to. They were civilians like all those Israeli who got killed by suicide bombers. Intifada instead of dialog. How do you feel about this?
Fadi, thank you for your comment, my friend - it cheered me up :)

I truely hope one day will come and our common goal: as you wrote, ONE better future will come true.

Fi amanillah,

I live near Tel-Aviv, Osaid. This new Lebanon war is confusing me - since, obviously because of the civilians that always in any war become victims, I also don't think it generates great sympathy by the Lebanese for the Israeli people. Is IS collective punishment (although, we're hearing over and over again that only strategic targets get hit and the deaths are accidental - still.... once dead it doesn't really matter anymore if you're killed by accident or on purpose I think).

I hate to imagine which hell the Lebanese are going through now - and truely when I read Lebanese blogs my heart cries... I mean it.

In a few aspects this situation indeed does resemble the pal/isr conflict - I think by that, that Israel is protecting Israeli's from extremists - but hurt the civilian population most.

But, on the other hand - the hizb hurt the Israeli's. You probably don't know what a soldier means for Israeli's, but they're like a child to all of "us". They go risk their lives against extremists to protect "us". In the case of the soldiers kidnapped by the hizb they even didn't do anything else but watch an internationally agreed upon border. Nothing else...

And, then there is that time that the hizb sent a katushiya into one of the towns in northern Israel, and a boy (I think he was 12 orso, if I remember his age correctly) - got a full blow and was killed while just waiting outside a shopping center. I cannot forget this, Osaid. It stang and stuck my heart.. Just without any provocation that happened. Again...

They're a bad lot those Hizbs -

Can Israel as a country that has to protect its citizens from things as described above which also involves human lives allow the hizb to get more and more sophistically armed by Iran (and everybody knows that's happened)?

Anyway, it are all empty words for everybody who are now losing their lives, their hopes for a better future and their land, Lebanon.

Lebanese are paying the price so Israel won't have to pay the price later on. NOBODY wants to be the one paying prices. Especially not if that price is human lives....

Anonymous 7:34 - thanks for commenting here :)

I don't think it's a question whether it's legal to react against terrorgroups (as is the hizb) but can you do so with a clear conscience if you know that by reacting to them you're gonna kill innocent people as well? Because, killing innocent people is a terrorist-trade....

Tsedek :

Hello again..

Check this link and let me know what you think.

Dont tell me that your soldier's lives is 'more important' than our civilians who are being constantly killed for NO reason by the occupying forces.

It is very sad Tsedek. Many people are enjoying their lives , and having fun, but on the cost of other peoples rights. It is everyone's responsibility to look around and understand the whole situation and not just say : I am safe I want to go on with my life or ( as some commentor on my blog once said ): if it is someone who is going to be hurt then I prefer its not me. SHowing resonsbility is needed.

I believe that peole like you are showing responsibility. We want to see more people like you, especially at the times of calmness and peace, so as to know that there are PEOPLE on the other side.

The link I provided up tells much. I am sure you agree on much of its contents.

Let me know what you have in mind after reading it

Good day.
Stay well

I do hope that one day will be able to go on that night out. Even though it will take some time before I can trust or forgive Israel, I will not allow short-sighted leaders forbid me from making new friendships.

Take care and be safe.
Dear Tsedek,
there is a difference between killing innocents as targets or killing terrorists who hide between innocents as cowards. Peace for all is the higher ground. If everybody wants it and does not kill others, there is no reason to kill others, but in our world people decided to kill others because of?? I really don't understand what mindset terrorists have. I am reading about Nazi Germany and I cannot understand it what happened. I am reading about terrorists and cannot understand what the RAF in Germany, PLO, Hamas, Hisbollah are and why they really kill. But what does it help to understand them?! I want that my government does everything to stop them. And I want that my country does everything to stop the Arab terrorists who are filled with hatred. Listen to them. They are in a war with Jews and Americans and Western people. They say it clearly, even when our mind cannot understand it. They are here and we have to find an answer. We have to stop them, often to kill them. and often innocent people are around them as a tactic. When people understand that they got killed in the near of terrorists, then they will isolate the terrorists. That would be a first step in the right direction. But it is still unbearable to think of the innocent people. It is heartbraking, makes me sick. It needs much strength to get up and fight and support those who are fighting. But I don't believe that soldiers in a democracy are murderers like terrorists. Democracies need soldiers. I am woman and live in a Western culture. Would I fight for this culture? I feel so small and anxious. I feel like a coward. As long as I live there was never a war but I grew up with the fear, that there will be war again. My country has a lot of guilt and I grew up with this guilt and responsibility. But no more war is the wrong answer. No more killing of innocent people, is the right answer and for that we have to send our soldiers and sometimes they have to kill but they should not loose our support. Killing is terrible for them too and they do it for us. I am grateful for it. The terrorists are a worldwide attack against peace. They think: first Israel and then...? They are driven by an unbelievable hatred. Is it naive to think, we, the normal people, can be in contact, we believers and non believers can communicate and stop hatred?
I am sorry, when I fill your comment section with so many words. I am so frightened and looking for contact to get some comfort. Our media makes me still crazy but this time it is different, they support Israel and understand that we have to fight back, that dialog failed, that peace is only possible, when both side want and live it. Terrorists don't want peace. If we suffer so much, when innocent people get killed in this fight, then we have to remember, that peace is the result of WW II. Millions of soldiers and innocent people died for this peace. We have to understand that there is no peace what falls from heaven. They is no automatical peace. We cannot click a button and then there is peace. The big question is what to do against people who murder and murder and murder. In the time of internet, they are connected and even more dangerous, we need answers. So have to think about peace and how to get it. History helps. When I look at my history, then I understand that WAR helped to create peace. This thought is terrible but true. We have to accept it. When we don't have people who are willing to fight, then we have to live the life, terrorists want us. I don't see that they want women like me, they would kill me first. :-(
hey Tsedek
i'm here to say hello,
in a stange way i miss you, maybe coz i feel bad i never kept my promise of coming back here to talk futher,
anyway here to a quick hello while you government allows me to

be well
Osaid - 1:36 AM =


When I wanna open the url, i get:

"""Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server. Please visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance."""

If that link would show me photographs of killed civilians, I would feel very sad, Osaid. Just as sad as for any given Israeli that gets killed. People are people in my eyes. No stickers attached to their foreheads.

What I'm trying to get to the bottom of is - who's responsible? - other than just the ones pulling the trigger...

I would be convinced it's Israel's strategy - IF - someone could convince me. But, having been a fervent peace-addict ever since the 1st Intifada, and undergoing the events that happened when the Intifada II was announced, I still believe it was Palestinian terror that shot hopes of a true, equal and peaceful solution right into dirt.

I am very much aware that following the (terror)events of the IntifadaII Israel brutely misused its power upon the Palestinian people. So, I condemn that as well, I don't excuse it, it's horrible. You gotta believe me...

Still.... I think - in order to take away the cause for this misuse - terrorattacks (and also qassamfiring at inside Israel) gotta stop. How, I'm asking you, do you think the Israeli "public" - is ever gonna feel their country's use of power is inhumane - if they're being attacked by inhumane groups themselves?

I'm looking for solution here Osaid. I'm not in the blaming-game. I'm wise enough (I hope) to know that that game is leading nowhere, except to more bloodshed. So, I'm asking you please to read my writings here in that way: looking together (you & me) for a better future...

Take care please and stay safe,
Thank you Free Cedar, I understand your grudge towards Israel who's bombing your living environment away and I appreciate your open-mindedness concerning seeing people as people.

I'll take you up on that night out... I'm sure that day will come - hopefully sooner than we can imagine now,

in the meanwhile do take care of yourself and please, please - stay outta harm's way,
~~~ Anonymous - 8:29 ~~~ there is a difference between killing innocents as targets or killing terrorists who hide between innocents as cowards.


I know that, you know that. But, we're not being killed here. That's such a large difference. Like night and day. Suppose (Godforbid) your family would get killed because terrorists hid behing them by the Israeli's: wouldn't you do everything in your power to stop the Israeli's from doing so, if you'd know that terrorists have no heart and use you as propagandamaterial?

Who would you blame (as well)? The one pulling the trigger on your family would, if you're there and not reading about it and being cool-minded enough to reletivate, be still be the one pulling the trigger....

I know Israel can't allow the hizb to be armed by Iran/Syria that close to their borders, and we see the results in the bunker/tunnel experience they have dugged over the stretch of hills near the Israeli border. But when pain and human lives are involved the calculations are made in a different manner - and, yes, it soothes me as well to think "we killed those innocent people because the bad people between them want to erase me from the face of the earth" - my soulsearching question to myself is then "but is killing innocent people not exactly that where "we" are fighting against, only in this situation, it's us? So, what's the leverage of that? The justification...."

I know I don't sound like a lot of sense. I'm being led by feelings - always, and now they're hurting for all the innocent people, being them Israeli's, Lebanese, Jews, Christians, Muslims... the common factor binding is and stays: innocent people.

Thanks for your comment,

Oops.... Sorry, Rike - I called you "Anonymous" - *blush*

Thanks for stopping by Alllah :)

I feel honored you missed me ;-)

Hopefully I'll see you'll stop by more often but please don't ever feel "guilty" if you won't,

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