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As a Jew????,7340,L-3272021,00.html

"There are some who say that this is pure racism, but as a Jew I am happy to be racist.
This kinda scum should not connect their jewishness to their superior individual racial feelings. GRRRRRR. I as a Jew am proud and happy to be NOT racist. How dare he?

Arabs out?? I'd prefer living next to an Arab a billion times more than living to a racist. F* him! F* that whole neighborhood as a matter of fact. GRRRRRR. At least the ones that agree with this shameless behaviour. It are incidents like this that make me feel Israel is not worth it to be called a Jewish State. If this racism stands for Jewish it can not ever be seen anymore as having humane values.

I saw it before when in the printed newspaper there was a story about religious Ashkenazi jews not wanting Mizrachi jews buying houses in their religous town in order to "keep our own culture and identity" - for cryin' out loud: haven't the past taught "us" anything???

Anyway, here it comes, hold your chair - cause you might just fall off it:

Arabs out!

East Jerusalem residents try to find better life in west Jerusalem, but their new neighbors won't let them. 'French Hill in Danger,' published a group ready to take a stand. 'We don't want Arabs in our neighborhoods'
Haim Levinson

Arabs from east Jerusalem, trying to buy or rent apartments in west Jerusalem neighborhoods, meet with resistance among activists and neighbors. "We don't want Arabs in our neighborhoods," say Jewish residents.

The migration of Arabs to west Jerusalem neighborhoods has become a well-known phenomenon, and along with it, the creation of groups of residents anxious to stop the migration. Their effort includes 'snitches' to report on apartment rentals to Arabs, boycotts of real estate agents selling to Arabs and a struggle with the Hebrew University, whom they claim intends to sell 13 apartments to Arabs.

As part of the conflict, local newspapers published announcements this month begging residents to report any attempt by Arabs to buy west Jerusalem apartments. "The French Hill is in danger, we need your help," they write. "We would be happy to receive any written or spoken information regarding the purchase or rental of buildings in the French Hill for any purpose (residential, commercial, business) by residents of East Jerusalem, or the attempt of such purchase or rental."

'I want to preserve my identity'

The information is consolidated by activists, among them Arieh King, who, as part of the "Living in Jerusalem" group, works to increase the Jewish presence in Jerusalem. According to King, based on a survey he took, there has been a large increase in the migration of Arabs to west Jerusalem. Twelve Arab families live on Jaffa St., in the center of town, with scores more living in the nearby Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood. Twenty two additional families live on Etzel St. in the French Hill neighborhood.

"There are some who say that this is pure racism, but as a Jew I am happy to be racist. If I won't be one, it's unclear what my children's future will be. Just as most Jews in Jerusalem don't send their children to Arab schools and don't allow them to intermarry, I too want to preserve my identity."

The Battle on Etzel St.

The focus of the current struggle is the building at 11 Etzel St., where the Hebrew University, which owns the property, is auctioning off 13 apartments. The highest bid was given by an Arab man, who is willing to pay 230 thousand dollars for each apartment, 20 percent more than the apartments are worth.

Three days ago, there was a conference for residents of the French Hill who wish to combat the entry of Arab tenants. Among other things, it was decided to put pressure on the Hebrew University not to sell the property to Arabs by appealing to Jewish donors to buy the apartments and sell them to Jews.

(Name withheld), who lives at this address, is worried by Arabs moving to her neighborhood: "Arabs are trying to take over the neighborhood. You walk outside and hear only Arabic. I've lived here 35 years and I don't want to start living with Arabs. Do I need them here on my doorstep? There are real estate agents here who, for the right price, are willing to sell apartments to Arabs."

The University released the following statement: "The Hebrew University is selling apartments that it owns in the French Hill. It is managing the auction in a fair, honest, and unprejudiced manner."

Thumbs up for the Hebrew University!


As one who lives in the French Hill, I see no issue with having Arabs living here. It's sad, but this is what the city has been trying to do for years - and now that reality is changing.. well..

Jerusalem has mistreated the Arabs in the city for years, and has treated them as 2nd class, in their neighborhoods. Had they taken care of them back in the 60s and 70s There would be no mass Migration.
It the Black Person who has the money to move out of Harlem and does so to go live in the Midtown.

Those idiots who are screaming are not doing it very loudly, since I have not heard one thing about it so far, and I live 10 Buildings down from Etzel 11 and drive past it every day! So this could also be a big fuss over 2 people.
It's usually the loud ones who get all of the attention and give the rest a bad name. Look for example at the "Muslim World"...a recent Crop Poll uncovered that it's only 7% of Muslims who actually support the Jihad stand. I agree 7% is still a lot of Muslims worldwide but it is not representative of what Muslims believe, yet, every night on the news we see and hear the minority of Muslims.

I am a Christian Palestinian from Jerusalem, born in a hospital on the Mount of Olives (I wonder if it's even still there). Things got so bad after the six day war my Father moved the entire family to North America leaving behind everything he (and we) ever knew. I often dream of taking a walk around the city where I took my first steps but have been too frightened to return. Maybe if I stopped being influenced by the loud ones...

Unfortunately prejudice exists everywhere, the few racists are the shame of a whole community.
At least there are people like you who scream out loud their disdain to such acts and thinking.
I felt very sad reading your comment, Abu-Issa :(

Just lately (after reading the perpetual refugee's blog) I came to realize Israel was that deterring for some...

I truely hope you will come to stay in Jerusalem one time soon. Don't let anything or anybody stop you :)

Oleh Yahshan - if the city backs this - that is pretty disgusting... I remember a docu about the Israeli Black Panthers - because they were mizrachi jews they were also put out of their houses in Jerusalem that time... There is something very fishy about this, and I don't like it.

Free Cedar, it's true what you write. Hopefully those racist screamers can be silenced.

Fantastic article Tse. :)
Abu-lssa: "I often dream of taking a walk around the city where I took my first steps but have been too frightened to return. Maybe if I stopped being influenced by the loud ones..."

Do not fear going to Israel. It is a fantastic place to visit and we are all protected there.

As for the figures, I would be interested in the % of Muslims who are against Jiahd... that figure is not 93%. :(
Heya Oleh. :)


"Jerusalem has mistreated the Arabs in the city for years, and has treated them as 2nd class, in their neighborhoods."

Please can you elaborate?
I will 2nd Stevens call.
Israel is a safe place to visit for all religions, and we get millions of tourists here every year - including Muslim and Christens.

I will get back to you on that I have to go watch "house" on TV :>
I live in French Hill as well... to me it represents the hope of the future... Jews and Arabs living in peace, side by side.
I have lived in this community for over twenty years and would not want to live anywhere else in the city.
Can it be that you live in "Occupied Palestine"??? Doesn't that make you part of the Problem?? you are a settler just like a person living Kiryat Arba or in Elon More!!
Why don't I see you protesting the Apartheid, on Hagana St. every morning?? Do you Buy at the Mr. Zol while you advocate Boycotting Israel?? Am I missing something??
as for the mistreatment of Israeli Arabs in Jerusalem.
to make it short, one of the problems I have here is that instead of treating all the areas the same, there has been a difference between Jewish area and Arab Areas, a situation that should never have happened. It has been doing better in the last decade - but as we say - too little to late.

The problem is that in order to build up the Arab Areas after 1967, the City would have to fight off a lot of internal issues in those areas, and do stuff that the Arabs would not like. it would have caused riots and disorder that the city decided to take the easy way out and just ignore them.
This goes to things like building public buildings, Office space, Shopping areas, Schools, banks ETC. As well as Apartment Buildings. and streets.
The problem is that the Arab areas, were built without any plan, unlike the city, and in order to bring it up to Par a lot of work would have to be done, including clearing lands, moving houses, and other such things that the city didn't want to do.

In the end I blame the City for not doing it, since it is the cities Job to take care of all areas in it's city.
That was a really short summery of a very long story (email me via my sight if you would like more)
Oleh :
/..As one who lives in the French Hill, I see no issue with having Arabs living here. It's sad, but this is what the city has been trying to do for years - and now that reality is changing.. well../
Sad ?? remember that these are the ORIGINAL people of the city. Being able to force them out in a way or another is pure racism.

Abbu Issa:
On news every night they MAKE you hear this minority. They want to tell the world that they are suffering from Qassams where in fact the terror we see from occupation is not comperable to what a minority is doing. Both are wrong surely.

Steven :
did you hear wt Oleh said ? @nd citizenship?

tsedek : good day. :)
Please don't turn what I say upside down.

As for the French hill Actually the Only arabs living in the French hill today are ones that moved in here after it was built - most of them came from the Galilee, and the rest are students. The truth is that no arab was living here before the French hill was built, more than that I will say that the houses that were here - on mt. scopus are still here Today.
I have to wonder sometimes if the human race is just overall insane. Good pieve Tsedek.

Too much of this is happening around the world as we speak. Everyone wants to, or needs to protect something, and identity has once again become so important that it's become the harbringer of much violence and strife.

To those living in French Hill, good luck. Hopefully your examples will be followed not just in Israel but elsewhere around the world.
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