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Why..... it that I get so angry when terrorists attack soldiers? I do think that fighting soldiers, not as in "fighting" = exploding - civilians, is "legal". But why then do I get so sad, so angry when I hear yet another young boy has died?

At the end of their last schoolyear you see them marching, one after the other happily holding their matriculation cards in their hands, the schoolyards - under the proud eye of their parents, all parents. They perform on stage - at that very schoolyard a play - usually an hilarious festival of laughter and joy - letting it all out while acting, singing, dancing, all their happiness - their youth.......

AND then:

they're stuck, although most won't see it that way being smoothly directed into the automatic pattern of it, for 3 years "defending" Israel. Most will go to units that won't encounter any danger - but there are some that find themselves obligated to give this country "their best".

In my eyes they stay boys, not soldiers. They will take decisions concerning life and death, but when they're home for their stays, mom is spoiling them and they just love it, they go out and roam town like any other youth anywhere else in the world disco'ing around - until...... they have to go back.

The worries of parents cannot be put into words if they're stationed in places where danger is always around the corner. It happens, they can get killed, or kidnapped... like what happened yesterday.

Two boys -soldiers, but boys, being only 20- were killed when they were watching the border with Gaza and 8-10 terrorists creeped outta a tunnel they had dug over many months. My heart sinks into my shoes - those young lives, the education, the expectancy of what they could have done with their lives - the parents, their hopes - now being ruined for ever, living with a scar that won't dissappear - never.

1 soldier was kidnapped - he's still in hands of one-or-another terrorist organization. Olmert said that his fate was in hands of the Hamas and if something happens to him the lives of the Hamas/government people wouldn't be certain anymore and they would get targeted. I hope Gilad Shalit will get out alive and well. But, if anything will happen to him, I hope those leaders, the ones responsible for all this mess, will get killed. I'm so bloody fed-up with seeing blood of innocent people getting spilled. Take it all out on the leaders. Any leader. I don't care anymore. Just no civilians, no soldiers - they're just young boys....


/..I hope Gilad Shalit will get out alive and well. But, if anything will happen to him, I hope those leaders, the ones responsible for all this mess, will get killed.../

I dont know if your IDF will be able to KILL the leaders who are responsible for this kidnapping, what we will see, as always , is another 'BRAVE OPERATION' that will end up with killing three or four militants and few tens of children and other tens of innocent civilians.

I believe that instead of calling upon your government to "kill" the leaders who are incharge of this kidnapping , you should be more reasonable and ask them to THINK first.

Just to make one thing clear to you : SOME of those YOUTH whom you talked about are commiting the worst crimes in the west bank and gaza. Some ( a minority ) are doing wtever they can to make the lives of palestinians so miserable. They are making fun of old people, kicking old men, beating up children and sometimes using their toys ( M16s ) illegally to inflict harm on civillians.
Even at the best and most peaceful situations, seeing those soldiers on checkpoints stopping people and questioning them is quite depressing. It is both Illegal and Unethical.

I do understand that many people feel sad about the fate of this kidnapped soldier and i hope that some reasonable palestininan voice will eventually bring this to an end, but untill then BOTH sides, ESPECIALLY THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT should act responsibly.

I do hope that this situation will end peacefully without any blood shedding.
good day
An excerpt from Siegfried Sassoon's "Dreamers"...

Soldiers are sworn to action; they must win
Some flaming, fatal climax with their lives.
Soldiers are dreamers; when the guns begin
They think of firelit homes, clean beds, and wives.

You may still see them as youth, but they're only youthful in the exuberance they show for life and peace... because they understand what it costs.

They know the dangers, the risks... they know that they are the shield that protects you from befalling the same fate that you hope never befalls them.

We all hope that something brings about Peace... sooner rather than later.
Osaid, thank you for commenting.

Maybe so, and I know of some (now in military detention mind you). But that's the tragedy of it all, isn't it? Who starts and who gets to top the other by excuse of preventing voilence jumping into violence?

I'm talking about schoolboys here. Being pumped into a regime and doctrine that is NOT human because war is NOT human.

And, sorry if this sounds one-sided (it's not, I know the "small" details) but I still think that since the Intifada II the major dragger into this bowl of shit are the Palestinian terrororganizations.

How exactly did you expect people would react when they see Palestinians having a party after a terrorattack in Israel with deadly results? Because, Osaid those are the pictures the soldiers of now grew up with 5 years ago....

Be well & take care,
Drewcatt: thank you as well for your (beautiful) comment :)

It's that huge responsibility on the age of 18.

Sometimes I think that if the age for drafting would be 30 orso, there would not be any soldiers at all.

Maybe that's an idea? Like, if "freedomfighters" (in my eyes still terrorists) agree to draft only people of 30 and up, and the IDF does the same - there won't be enough people who wanna destroy the "other"?

Be well & tek-ker :)
Conscription is the greatest evil governments can force upon their own citizens. Taxes aren't far behind.
Hi Tsedek,
it is a heartbreaking situation. I am with the innocent people. But who is innocent when people sit there together with terrorists, let their children play, stay there. What kind of parents are these people? Is there really no way to leave this area where the hisbollah is? I cannot believe this. It is terrible when innocent people have to die who have no chance to leave. There is a war for more than 2000 years. sometimes more and sometimes less. At the moment more. I know how stop it: The Arab people who want a Palestinian state have to accept Israel and stop use and support terror. Please don't feel bad when Israel tries to defend you and all the others. I was shocked when O read osaids weblog and all those others. The internet is full of information. They all need to understand their hatred. What a hopeless situation. How to stop hatred within the arab/muslim countries? I am deeply saddened.
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