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More Ramat-Gan April 2005










This actually is Tel-Aviv

I deleted all comments on my blog, fresh start here :)
Maybe I should explain what I meant by I hate Israel:
Well, I don’t hate Israel in the sense that most people do, I hate Israel like I said before coz of the destruction of life it has cozed over the years, I can imagine the middle east in a much better situation if we had one multi-ethnic country, what happened to the Palestinian people in the last 100 years is unimaginable and as long as long as this situation continues, the hatred will increase and the situation will get more complicated.
Hi allah, thx for coming here to explain. That was nice of you.

I hardly ever look at this blog anymore hence my probably late answer. I'll start checking in more often now.

OK. I know what happnened to the Palestinian people, and I agree that their suffering have been unbareable. However if violence keeps on going on I'm afraid it'll only make things worse for them.

I mean, be honest: the jewish people haven't had a rosy history either, to put it mildly, but always picked themselves up and moved on.

I don't want to make comparisons, because for me people are people, be them jewish or palestinian or american, iranian or whatever - but still this not moving forward in a positive manner only hurts the Palestinians the most and have been giving and is giving extremists (from both the sides) the opportunity to keep this conflict burning and with that the excuse to do whatever they want, with - from what I've gathered since I've been living here - basically good friendly people from both sides.

Have you ever had the feeling that we are being manipulated as pawns in a chess-game?
(I ask this because besides the everyday events in line with expectations - I find really weird stories that don't fit in. Maybe I'll start using this blog one time to translate some of them - from the printed version of yedioth ahronot in hebrew to english - Like: today.... "Israeli's building in Iran" - a story about Israeli engineers that were in Iran this month near the nuclear sites, building up the ravage that the earthquake has left, on invitation of the Iranian government... I mean: HUH?????)

I found the article on the net.
i'm here, little busy, well be back
ok :)

take your time. looking forward to your next comments,

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one week for the exams to end
i will back
Good! Marhaba :)

Goodluck with your exams!

That was me, sorry, forgot to log in
Have you ever had the feeling that we are being manipulated as pawns in a chess-game?


As for Ramat Gan, I know it way too well. I prefer Tel Aviv.
That's sweet of you to visit this blog, Refugee.

Should I update it a bit? I already had 2 visitors now, hahaha...

I like Tel-Aviv only near the beachfront. It's noisy, busy and has a separation line (poor & rich - south & north) and I despise that.

Take care!
Hey Tsedek!

I do love the photo of TA - it's really good :)

And hey, Ramat Gan has nothing on Tel Aviv... I mean, honestly, RG is like an old people's home and bedroom for TA ;)

Seriously, though - of all the cities I have lived in all over the world, TA is simply the best.
Tel-Aviv is special Raccoon :) But I prefer Ramat-Gan, since I'm used to it, LOL. Besides, old people's home?? In less than 3 hours - at less than 500 meters from my house the rapper I'm totally crazy about is gonna perform (and I'm not gonna see him, since anyway I'd see just a small dot on stage given that the concert is held in a stadium)....

Nice to see you here :)

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